About steel

About steel 'P r and in and l and I choose t of the driving.

It takes a whistle and becomes engine.

About steel players cars.

All cars I draw t circles on the earth business and a vst yut in theM. Engine begins the movement, it approaches to each of cars in turn.

To whom under went driving, has to follow it.

When in with e cars I start t following for engine, that it is unexpected d and e t a whistle, ?

h About and in with e participants have to usp e t Zahn yat which or depot.

At the driving circle was not, therefore the player, ostavsh y sya without place, becomes new engine.

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Complexity M sh r and The stock is absent.

Quantity game k .

Rules Among all players by means of draw the leader train is elected.

On sand draw lines rails.

Players have to run away, and train has to catch theM. Complexity consists in that, as train, and other participants can to move only on nacherchenny lines.

Player, which will move not on rails, leaves from game.

Street and Y about r with yo sh igryg On game minutes, then vybiraare taken away About other leader etsyatsya.

The participant whom the leader will touch, leaves from game.

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But today

But today But to achieve it, you need to make yourself empty of all that has been before.

This is called the realization of evil we started to realize that everything that we had before, of no use.

What with what I know different philosophy, literature and music?

If selfishness time gaining strength in such a way that naturally I am not fill the pre yusimi achievements, it means he is ready for a new filling.

But today filling is very shallow and superficial.

Is an intermediate step.

But even developed and clever teenagers with whom I spoke, are in captivity things deprived of their depth.

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Then it is not a so angry

Then it is not a so angry And it ezhat returned to us.

They during a storm were carried away by the spread stream, hedgehogs reported.

Then it is not a so angry bear, and there is nothing to be afraid of him, the old hare concluded.

But animals all the same ran away, having caught a roar I go and I sing.


Soon after a storm the forester with the grandson came to the wood.

Oh, a vnuchok that the storm did!

How many trees ruined, how many animals and birds of a shelter deprived, the forester was upset.

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Impression, supported

Impression, supported Woodpecker motley, nose vostry, Sat down on a bough tukrattat!

On the words tukrattat knock together with the kid index finger it, of course, will want to repeat action, and the child easily will remember this text stylized under a national humourous catchphrase.

Impression, supported with various material including literary, extended in time, will leave a deep bright trace.

Whether there can be a find part of a peculiar collection?


Remember material in chapter about stones and other natural material?

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