The correctional

The correctional Therefore one of the major areas of work with pupils with SDVG is formation of educational motivation.

The correctional developing training of children and teenagers with SDVG is effective, if teachers and psychologists follow some principles following from features pupils of this category.

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As a rule, in team of the interested participants the neurologist, the psychologist, the teacher enter and it is obligatory parents.

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Suggest Drawing Entertainment for Guests Read to children a proverb Who opens the house for people, that without friends does not happen.

Suggest children to present that to them on a visit came the person who very much is pleasant to theM. Children have to think up and to draw a dish with which they will treat the guest.

Game Sacrificial Heart Ask children to list, than parents endow for them, for example by own efforts, time, affairs, money and etc.

Then children list, than they endow for members svo it families, for example time, toys, affairs etc.

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Similarly Children laugh and in turn weigh a strange stone.

Similarly it is possible to play The most smooth and Most rough, comparing and stroking stones a finger on this case in it is good to collection to have a shell rock slice.

For the game Very best it is desirable to update range of stones for each option and that game did not bore and to use stones with brighter set properties among pebble pumice, a slice crushed stone, sandstone, dark granite.

Certainly, it is so possible to play not only with stones.

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Children By means of this game the tutor develops at ty ability to work on a signal and to coordinate movements with each other.

Children practise in walking and run.

Herd and wolf Description of game On one party of a platform circles are outlined, squares.

These are constructions on a farmyard in state farm or collective farm calf house, stable etc.

Other the part of a platform is occupied with meadow.

In one of corners on to the opposite side of a platform there is a den wolf in a circle.

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The breeze

The breeze Where there!

There is no wind, and itself know, our brother the miller without winds as without hands, the miller answered.

The breeze flew up to the miller here and whispered to it on an ear that the wind will arrive soon and will help his grief.

Uslykhal the miller whisper of a breeze, was delighted and speaks Thank God, the breeze blew, at last; now soon and winds let's wait.

Honestly, passed a little time, lo and behold, wings on a bank to Nice were started turning, at first slowly, and there all rather and rather.

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