That is, they

That is, they Guys, speaking with designated witnesses, spoke very differently, especially those that were allegedly accused.

They already looked at the situation from the outside.

That is, they already had experience.

Very good.

And when you hear yourself from the outside, it looks absolutely not the way you thought.

That is what we will see in the following conversation.

We have a very interesting turn sobytii Part two with DD continuation M s continue to talk about how to organize and focus separate discussions with children.

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It is desirable

It is desirable And what do children who are not involved?

The other children are watching and are judges.

It is desirable that all participated, for example, as the jury meeting residents?

Yes, you can come up with many roles.

Usually those who passively watching, PE regival the same emotions, but not as much as the participants themselves.

But they can to vote or to participate.

What is the role of the tutor in this game?

He has about ratite attention, to make the game as effective as possible?

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Book purpose

Book purpose You will find in it the kind fairy tales which acquaint children with letters as with native, amusing beings; cheerful quatrains, I help shchy easily and quickly to remember letters; drawings coloring, giving the chance to children to create own images of letters; the creative tasks and games developing logical thinking.

Book purpose to connect process of training in the diploma with riso vaniye, game and comprehension of beauty of the world.

The book is intended for occupations with children preschool and younger school age.

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It is possible

It is possible Near them there is a tutor.

In hands it has a box with small balls by quantity the standing children.

Time, two, three run!

the tutor and you speaks brasyvat all balls from a box forward.

Children run for balls; everyone catches up any of balls, runs with it to the tutor also puts it in a box.

Then children sit down on the places, and behind line of a camp to curl other group.

Game comes to an end when all children run for mya than.

It is possible to repeat game two times.

Rules of the game It is possible to run behind a ball only after the word run.

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