Today adults

Today adults Not without reason on ancient boxes of cookies or candies of the beginning of the XX century poyavlyalis images of elegant children in venochka with nets.

Today adults can perceive these romantic occupations only as ruthless and not ecofriendly entertainment which can do harm to development your child.

What will occur if the kid really caught a butterfly?

He will look and will release, parents of the twoyearold explained to the author, adhering to moderate views in the field of biological ethics.

Disturbed, with the broughtdown pollen wings nearby will carry away a butterfly even in that exceptional case if the child simply does not smother with caresses an insect in small caM. But matter not only in it.

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Participants Following this throw the participant does from that place where he got bomb.

If the ball is located so what to throw to the player at it is gone to the half of a water field, it has to it is simple to throw bomb, without having touched a ball.

Participants can elect the judge, which About will watch game.


Stock bags with sand, inflatable ball.

Number of players .

Rules About Hands forbid to concern deserter strictly.

The team which the first will tire out a ball for wins limits of an enemy field.

Vajyanay The stock is absent.

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Well so take

Well so take Vasya ran up to a gate, called up wives the tire and, showing it gold, asked How many it is possible to buy on this gold bread?

It is a lot of, the woman answered, for me with children was enough for the whole week.

Well so take it and buy bread, Vasya told.

Take also my gold, Nadia told, stretching the chervonets.

The woman was delighted, wanted to thank, but from a wave niya it tore off a voice, and she began to cry joyful a tear mi tears with which did not cry long ago.

Looking at it, about also children watered.

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At the one who is generous, in a mouth

At the one who is generous, in a mouth But the young man was ahead of hiM. It came back the closest the road and to arrival of the khan was already at home.

They with the wife welcomed the guest on a palace threshold, doro gy the carpet under feet was laid, rendered honor.

The daughter khan not learned, she covered the face with a thin cover.

From where you have such riches?

the khan marveled, examining palace.

At the one who is generous, in a mouth it is not be empty!

the daughter answered.

The khan grieved.

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They sit in the vezha, grow

They sit in the vezha, grow They looked only at pearls and demanded from Akkaniydi Give us more!

Akkaniydi gave, and they again pull the It is not enough!

Still give!

Learned the Clear Speck, what not for pleasure, not for the kind affairs they ask pearls from it.

Change it at women for bed curtains, ovens and kang, at men on cervine skins, squirrel skins, meat and fish.

They sit in the vezha, grow fat from inaction all to them bear for those pearls.

Told then Akkaniydi to elders and their old women More for you pearls are not present!

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