One in fear

One in fear THAT THE BEAR WHISPERED ON THE EAR Indian parable There were two friends the wood.

Suddenly see a bear.

One in fear got on a tree and hid in foliage.

Another remained before bear without any protection.

Fell to the ground and lies, as if dead.

He heard somehow that the bear does not touch the dead body, here also decided to pretend to be.

The bear approached it, sniffed at a breast, then the head, a nose and ears.

The traveler concealed spirit, lies does not move.

The bear thought that he indeed the dead, also left him alone.

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Use this

Use this The child has to to learn it is better to observe and register the behavior Kvashner K.

, .

Under the guide of parents or the psychologist he can keep the diary in which notes frequency conflicts to people around, situational conditions, consequences of the actions.

On ours look, this technique is more effective for children of younger school age and for under sprouts, one of which feature is tendency to an introspektion.

Use this method allows to form anticipation of possible consequences of the at the child behavior.

Generalization one of the most important methods of psychotherapy of the child with SDVG, as the child independently can not always transfer received during correction skill for a framework of those conditions in which there was an initial learning any to action of Gledding With, .

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To summarize. We talked

To summarize. We talked Therefore it is impossible to teach the child aggression.

To summarize.

We talked about how to correctly use our the tendency is not to fight them and to direct on the right track benefit society, not himself.

This small amendment would change society.

We talked about the violence.

If there is a case of violence must be stopped him on the spot and discuss what happened to theM. Everyone will see that sitting in it beast has resurfaced.

Let us not forget that the right attitude to General the country with love to him is able to give the child missing him a sure not Part one The choice of a partner and the profession M s stopped for the period of puberty, when Yes future partners get to know each other.

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This will

This will It turns out that the child during the day is in different groups.


In any case he should learn.

And we need to try form more practice at the nature, at enterprises, mu Seah, children should not sit in front of the education Board in Classe Human development from to Study should not be passive rather impressive and dynamic.

This seems to me to be studying.

This will be occupied by a third time.

Another third will take their discussion, in which will take part the instructor, who have little to depart on the second plan, to children could sort out their problems.

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And as the problem

And as the problem B.

, LyutovaRoberte E.


, .

As a rule, mother or the grandmother comes to reception to the psychologist to the psychotherapist, concerned inadequate and causing numerous complaints of people around behavior of the child.

And as the problem concerns all family, it is desirable to solve it names but by means of family therapy.

Experts note that it is easier to interest fathers family therapy, than individual, and meanwhile the role of the father is very important in therapeutic process, and nobody else cannot speak for it or take its place both in therapy, and in family life V.

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