If contact

If contact If at least at two P about sh to l about h N the l sh ryigrok turned out contact, that is they called identical words, the leader is obliged to call following word letter.

If contact was not for example, the first player called the word cat, and the second was told by cachalot or rabbit, game proceeds, leading new a beech vu does not open.

Some subtleties of game players try to give such definitions, that it was heavier to leader to pick up under going excuse; can participate in contact though all players.

Contact took place, and the leader is obliged to open a letter if words at least at two coincided players.

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Alternative Alternative form of carrying out game children sit down in a circle, in which center one couple carries out exercise before all.

Analysis of exercise Whether well you remembered what you had to describe?

And full the description made by your partner was how accurate?

For what it is possible to use such memoirs?

It almost piano!

GAME with years Purposes During this exercise children can experiment a little with the voice.

Besides, the unusual structure of game provides special concentration of children on occurring also forces them to listen attentively each other.

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I pledge you the word

I pledge you the word That you are late, you are a goalkeeper ska is dissatisfied hall captain.

The elder brother seated the kid on the edge of a field on the Curt ku also asked Mishunya, sit here.

I will stand in a gateway and to catch ball.

Pledge the word that you will not leave anywhere.

I pledge you the word that I will sit here and anywhere not uy du seriously answered Mishunya.

The first half an hour the Ear ring continually glanced on mlad the shy brother but when game was heated to look around became the goalkeeper once.

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Allow me to marry

Allow me to marry It was in twilight.

Day already declined, and evening did not come yet.

Also put on herself instead of a dress the long linen shirt.

The prince met her, moved to the palace and speaks to the old king The father, is not present on light of the girl to a krasha and more reasonably, than Dagmar.

Allow me to marry it, because about any to other bride I also do not want to hear.

Frowned the king with the queen.

Where it vidano, that the prince married the country daughter?

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The feeling

The feeling Simply be always sincere with children, be interested their life, ask their opinion and councils and love without uslo Viy, just like that!

Then the child not only will be grateful to you, but also will transfer this love to the children as the most expensive family on sledstvo.

The feeling of gratitude happens a miscellaneous and comes to children at different times.

If this feeling at children does not appear, to blame parents can only themselves, perhaps, that they in due time reminded children how much for them we do, instead of more often words I very much love you.

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