To Her Mick

To Her Mick The footpath conducted to malen which to the forest girl by the name of Mimol, very tiny, koto paradise there lived in a small mushroom under the name Borovichok.

To Her Mick was among big and small firtrees.

And here goes on a footpath the hedgehog, and towards to him leaves a little mouse.

Spra the Shaiva where the hedgehog goes.

The hedgehog answered that goes on the wood ache a market.

The little mouse was surprised and says to a hedgehog that it not in that the direction goes.

There continuous needles and unknown malyut the crumb lives, very interesting and mysterious.

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The nice

The nice Your mother came to us and asked you to rescue.

the nice fellow it is occupied on the ferry, and I came tearing along on a motorka here ob Anton became clearer and stretched to Sergey two spare raincoats.

The wind blew with such force that an old motorka hardly about moved forward, jumping up on combs of waves.

Boy operated a motorka quietly, without paying attention on the hl shchushchy streams of water and flaws.

Saying goodbye, the father long shook to Anton a hand and thanked.

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Little When such people come to the management of shared ETS, the world will change it will become harmonious, like nature, safe.

And at what age children begin to take a more global communication?

Up to three years they perceive each other partially, and then their perception expanding there is a world, and I have in this world.

It depends on the environment in which they are located.

Here is a very important moment motives.

Little kids look at those little more, and I want to do that's the same thing.

Consequently, the development depends on the stimulus?

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If child

If child Game proceeds to that time until all ladybugs recover.

If child not can tell about any miracle, it is helped the teacher and other children.

Drawing Travel on Wings If for one day presented you wings, where you on flied?

Draw the travel.

Sketch We learn to fly Divide children into couples.

One person in couple any bird, another any animal.

Children have to think up small sketches dialogues about that, as the bird learned an animal to fly.

IT IS GOOD TO TEACH THE ONE WHO WANTS TO KNOW EVERYTHING M. Skrebtsova Very often our children The nobility want about everything on light, And do not want to study, How to change us children?

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Options Game Be attentive!


Vzros the ly gives tasks.

Listen to me attentively and try to catch a sound , having clapped and, at, and, at, oh, and, at, and, at.

Lift up a tag when you hear a sound [at] in Magni tofonny record.

Options .

The adult says sounds, having closed lips the screen.

^ ~ Library of the Logopedist x About Development of fonematichesny perception in children of early age ^ I .

The child sits a back to the adult who asks it to say a number of sounds, and to hide among them a sound [at], having told it it is silent.

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