You games

You games First players both teams sit down against each other on a grass, rest stupnyam and in the rival's foot, take a stick in hand for і the opposite ends and tyan ut it on itself.

You games the one who will draw a stick howls.

After that the second numbers of teams, game ¦ sit down on a floor proceeds to the last participants.

After the end of game the general is counted if the chestvo of victories in each team, and as a result is called as J winner.

And nventar about tsutstvut.

Quantity at h and with t nicknames .

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What means

What means Disappear, such little men do not happen.

I read kn gi also I know that on the earth there is only one look a forehead centuries of reasonable Homo Sapiens scaredly exclaimed girl.

What means does not happen?

I am a gnome the Fir cone, I live in it to the wood and in this stub.

Today the clear sunny day, I wanted about !

to vetrit and dry up the dwelling, but suddenly flopped on it someone unknown also started watering it with tears.

It you the unknown, and I am Nina, the best schoolgirl in a class se.

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As soon

As soon And that all children knew that such minutes came, the tutor will show them a red palm molchalka.

As soon as children will see it, they have to become silent and if they do not write or draw at this time or to perform other task, to stand on a place or to lay down on a floor and not to move.

When they will see a yellow palm sheptalka, they can exchange words in a whisper, silently to move on group.

If the tutor shows a green palm chant, it is possible to do everything that is not forbidden by group rules.

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Games of N and sh and x Jedushek

Games of N and sh and x Jedushek In I follow shch y time in the driving m ozht to be the one who was found the first or the last, Color Stock about the hardware uts TV uye t.

M esto carrying out loshch an adka with are certain in m and borders.

L at h she, whether e with they at d at t are marked with chalk.

Number participants and more.

Games of N and sh and x Jedushek and I ush l to &Участники games rise in a circle, and driving costs sleep; ache to another in several meters from a circle.

Thus he has to close eyes and to call any color, napr measures red, yellow, green, lilac, fioleto vy.

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Game proceeds. P about

Game proceeds. P about Invited the player has to repeat the movement of the driving and to rise behind it.

ґ both of them do to Zatya the same sa mine for other player, inviting him, etc.

When the last player, a column is invited begins move an eniye around.

' About Further on a signal players from a column run up also try to take the places.

The player, ostavsh iysya without places, becomes driving.

Game proceeds.

P about M and N of highway and r Ng.

And nventar about tsutstvut.

In y and r such atsya m esto, where e with t a little d er evyev, simply columns.

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