Cherokee It was tense on a hoop and hung over a flue wigwaM. The raven threw a stone down and grabbed a scalp.

Cherokee noticed it, began to shoot bows, but the raven soared up so it is high that arrows did not do it harM. The raven brought a scalp on council of animals, and all decided that skin too dried the person will not be able to carry it.

Then the eagle spilled on it some dewdrops.

Skin became soft and strongly grew to the hunter's head.

Here to it allowed to try a curative medicine, and the hunter pochuv stvovat that to it life comes back.

It lay with are closed mi eyes and suddenly felt that understands language of birds and fly into a rage.

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It is possible

It is possible Participants press a ball to each other so, that it kept between a back of one player and a stomach of another without hands.

In such look participants have to move to finishing line.

Players should not podderat all to chew a ball hands.

It is possible to appoint About the judge who will watch for fairly Stew of teams.

About And That team which crawled to Fini wins sha the first.

Report to another Stock balls.

Number of players .

Rules All players share on teams and get up in sheren gi person to each other.

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To make

To make Alka villages on zabo re.

Supervision for birds To continue to develop the elementary at children ideas of birds.

To teach kids to learn and call a pigeon, a sparrow, a crow.

To make active the dictionary of verbs in the speech of children fly, jump, jump up, wave wings, fought etc.

and adjectives timid, cheerful.

To form at children prerequisites of empathy birds, as well as people, can to be with different characters Similar supervision can to be carried out as near stationary feeding trough, so and on a group site.

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The first

The first P r and in and l and Players I get up t one after another in a column.

Right ru ku put on the right shoulder standing ahead.

The first in a column player the head of a dragon, an afterbirth niya a tail of a dragon.

The head of a dragon has to sing mother tail.

X in St has to run away, and head catches up with it.

The only condition of game a column should not interrupt.

And Esl and head p oym at tail, an afterbirth the ny player in with t and e t forward and an ova camp tsya go LowaI. Penultimate about it will be melted in a role tail.

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Team, spent

Team, spent At game to towns of a ryukh it is considered beaten out, if it completely you sh la for lateral or back line the mountain yes.

Esl also remained on the devil or was gone in go sort, it it is necessary to continue to beat out.

The blow to the gorodki player is not set off, if it, me concealing a bat, will cross line of a game or a floor of a game.

In towns count is kept on points.

Team, spent for everything f iur smaller kolichest in bit, gains a point.

If you play vdvo I eat, luchsh e to stock up with ten bits and to throw everything at first to one, then to another that not be corduroy road behind bits.

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