If on a card

If on a card If on a card a profession doctor, children have to to present itself sensitive doctors and to think up the recipe volsheb keenness medicine foot.

If on a card the pilot, children have to to think up the plane which carries people to the country of keenness, etc.

H Task for the house Ask children to present sensitive words to each member svo it families.

LESSON FIFTIETH GENEROSITY H Game Generous Gifts One person plays a role of the fairy ShchedrostI. Other children receive different letters.

The fairy touches someone an ox shebny stick.

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But any of them

But any of them Then they got up on carved saddles and tried through a fencing to reach gold apples.

But any of them who touched a fruit, lost at once forces and dead fell on the earth.

Having seen it, riders of the white bones in fear and horror turned horses and dashed away to the auls.

After them to a garden crowds stretched from all directions poor people.

At their approach locks fell from iron gate, and gate widely swung open.

The garden was filled with the people men and women, old men and children.

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John did not understand, why to take

John did not understand, why to take Johnny did not love when there were quarrels between Indians and the pioneers who were taking away the good earth from Indians.

John did not understand, why to take away from others the earth.

He considered that it is better everywhere where it is possible, to put appletree gardens.

Therefore it never quarreled with Indians.

And they often invited Johnny to itself on a visit.

Passed years.

Along appletree gardens of Johnny were stretched fields of farmers.

Virgin forests did not remain any more.

And Johnny continued to go west everything.

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For this reason

For this reason All this home brew or the sister imposes special responsibility on the senior and sometimes causes a fair protest, as the child even if also the senior, is not obliged to carry out the controlling functions of parents.

For this reason adults have to talk to children, explaining to them and training borders of the possible help to the brother or sister with SDVG in ways of opposition to pressure of people around.

If problems of sibling are connected generally with interaction between them of the house, brothers and the child's sisters with SDVG should be trained in ways of communication, not provocative undesirable flashes, to methods of the constructive solution of the conflicts.

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Then the tsarevitch

Then the tsarevitch The tsarevitch woke up in the morning and sees viands are eaten, an icon lamp with are rearranged by a candle!

Does not know, as to think door zak it is dug!

For the next day again the same.

Then the tsarevitch decided not to sleep to watch for the uninvited guest.

Sees, there was a basil a girl, to krasha not to find, atedrank, and only began a candle with a lamp that to interchange the position, he also seized her by a hand Why you, mine svetik, hide from whom you are buried?

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