We are constantly

We are constantly We are constantly looking for among the many photographic pictures, accumulated in the brain, a pattern to follow.

We can say, we have a potential information you need Dimo to implement, and we are looking for different forms of its realization?


Without extraction from memory a certain pattern and its implementation, I do not act.

There is even a disease, when people lose this ability and do not know Ute what to do.

This is due to the fact that the person or cannot extract from memory information or she has worn off, or it has no connection with the exist components of the inmemory images.

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From where? Tell, from

From where? Tell, from It was their family tradition to give to the son for New year a card with the image of an animal.

From where?

Tell, from where you took it?

teacher started shaking the boy's hand.


The father gave it to me the boy snatched out from krytka it was also removed.

Wait, do not become angry, you told that to you the grandmother this presented a card?

Elizabeth Matveevna murmured.

Yes, the grandmother sent because she lives far, and the father gave the boy explained.

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P to the oseredena

P to the oseredena To t about about l sh e?

And nventar tags.

Participants d e I the hardware I on d in e teams and you erased l ai to Wai tsya on At l and h N y e and Y about r about y l and r yprotiv each other on opposite a game tsakhets of a platforM. P to the oseredena of a platform cher tit p an olosa of , M. On it I establish t tags.

P r and in and l and On a signal players of both teams run out to a strip in the middle of a platform and, having collected the maximum quantity tags, come back to a place and are under construction in a rank.

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Therefore, the most

Therefore, the most After all, after all, society is not yet fixed in such a perfect way, when school, home, the court gave him the same good effect.

Therefore, the most reliable thing is to organize a school as beneficial CPE do to a child's development, and he is there as much time as possible, and comes home only to swim, eat, sleep.

The hour to be with the parent mi and go to bed.

So it must be something like the extended school day?

I would not call it a study day.

All that is about learning, repels.

This is just a long day full of pleasant impressions.

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If the room

If the room If game is held indoors, it has to be it is cleaned in the damp way, it is well aired.

If the room small, it is necessary to take out from it Lish scientific research institute subjects.

All grants and materials which are required for games, have to be prepared till its beginning.

To at to their gotovleniye, to the organization of the corresponding conditions it is necessary to attract children.

Children bring tags, balls, consider, them, practising at the same time in the account; raskla dyvat on color; spread to themselves lodges, gnez dyshka from cones, from stones; make snowballs etc.

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