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About steel

'P r and in and l and I choose t of the driving.It takes a whistle and becomes engine.About steel players cars.All cars I draw t circles on the earth business and a vst yut in theM


M sh r and The stock is absent.Quantity game k .Rules Among all players by means of draw the leader train is elected.On sand draw lines rails.Players have to run away, and train has to catch theM

But today

But to achieve it, you need to make yourself empty of all that has been before.This is called the realization of evil we started to realize that everything that we had before, of no use.What with what I know different philosophy, literature and music?If selfishness time gaining strength in such a way that naturally I am not fill the pre yusimi achievements, it means he is ready for a new filling.But today filling is very shallow and superficial.Is an intermediate step.But even developed and clever teenagers with whom I spoke, are in captivity things deprived of their depth.

Then it is not a so angry

And it ezhat returned to us.They during a storm were carried away by the spread stream, hedgehogs reported.Then it is not a so angry bear, and there is nothing to be afraid of him, the old hare concluded.But animals all the same ran away, having caught a roar I go and I sing..Soon after a storm the forester with the grandson came to the wood.Oh, a vnuchok that the storm did!How many trees ruined, how many animals and birds of a shelter deprived, the forester was upset.

Impression, supported

Woodpecker motley, nose vostry, Sat down on a bough tukrattat!On the words tukrattat knock together with the kid index finger it, of course, will want to repeat action, and the child easily will remember this text stylized under a national humourous catchphrase.Impression, supported with various material including literary, extended in time, will leave a deep bright trace.Whether there can be a find part of a peculiar collection?Certainly!Remember material in chapter about stones and other natural material?

The correctional

Therefore one of the major areas of work with pupils with SDVG is formation of educational motivation.The correctional developing training of children and teenagers with SDVG is effective, if teachers and psychologists follow some principles following from features pupils of this category.Results of our researches confirmed that the help has to carry the complex Monin G.B.character, Mikhaylovskaya O.I., ; Monina G.B., .As a rule, in team of the interested participants the neurologist, the psychologist, the teacher enter and it is obligatory parents.


Drawing Entertainment for Guests Read to children a proverb Who opens the house for people, that without friends does not happen.Suggest children to present that to them on a visit came the person who very much is pleasant to theM


Children laugh and in turn weigh a strange stone.Similarly it is possible to play The most smooth and Most rough, comparing and stroking stones a finger on this case in it is good to collection to have a shell rock slice.For the game Very best it is desirable to update range of stones for each option and that game did not bore and to use stones with brighter set properties among pebble pumice, a slice crushed stone, sandstone, dark granite.Certainly, it is so possible to play not only with stones.


By means of this game the tutor develops at ty ability to work on a signal and to coordinate movements with each other.Children practise in walking and run.Herd and wolf Description of game On one party of a platform circles are outlined, squares.These are constructions on a farmyard in state farm or collective farm calf house, stable etc.Other the part of a platform is occupied with meadow.In one of corners on to the opposite side of a platform there is a den wolf in a circle.

The breeze

Where there!There is no wind, and itself know, our brother the miller without winds as without hands, the miller answered.The breeze flew up to the miller here and whispered to it on an ear that the wind will arrive soon and will help his grief.Uslykhal the miller whisper of a breeze, was delighted and speaks Thank God, the breeze blew, at last; now soon and winds let's wait.Honestly, passed a little time, lo and behold, wings on a bank to Nice were started turning, at first slowly, and there all rather and rather.

Today adults

Not without reason on ancient boxes of cookies or candies of the beginning of the XX century poyavlyalis images of elegant children in venochka with nets.Today adults can perceive these romantic occupations only as ruthless and not ecofriendly entertainment which can do harm to development your child.What will occur if the kid really caught a butterfly?He will look and will release, parents of the twoyearold explained to the author, adhering to moderate views in the field of biological ethics.Disturbed, with the broughtdown pollen wings nearby will carry away a butterfly even in that exceptional case if the child simply does not smother with caresses an insect in small caM


Following this throw the participant does from that place where he got bomb.If the ball is located so what to throw to the player at it is gone to the half of a water field, it has to it is simple to throw bomb, without having touched a ball.Participants can elect the judge, which About will watch game.?Stock bags with sand, inflatable ball.Number of players .Rules About Hands forbid to concern deserter strictly.The team which the first will tire out a ball for wins limits of an enemy field.Vajyanay The stock is absent.

Well so take

Vasya ran up to a gate, called up wives the tire and, showing it gold, asked How many it is possible to buy on this gold bread?It is a lot of, the woman answered, for me with children was enough for the whole week.Well so take it and buy bread, Vasya told.Take also my gold, Nadia told, stretching the chervonets.The woman was delighted, wanted to thank, but from a wave niya it tore off a voice, and she began to cry joyful a tear mi tears with which did not cry long ago.Looking at it, about also children watered.

At the one who is generous, in a mouth

But the young man was ahead of hiM

They sit in the vezha, grow

They looked only at pearls and demanded from Akkaniydi Give us more!Akkaniydi gave, and they again pull the It is not enough!Still give!Learned the Clear Speck, what not for pleasure, not for the kind affairs they ask pearls from it.Change it at women for bed curtains, ovens and kang, at men on cervine skins, squirrel skins, meat and fish.They sit in the vezha, grow fat from inaction all to them bear for those pearls.Told then Akkaniydi to elders and their old women More for you pearls are not present!

One in fear

THAT THE BEAR WHISPERED ON THE EAR Indian parable There were two friends the wood.Suddenly see a bear.One in fear got on a tree and hid in foliage.Another remained before bear without any protection.Fell to the ground and lies, as if dead.He heard somehow that the bear does not touch the dead body, here also decided to pretend to be.The bear approached it, sniffed at a breast, then the head, a nose and ears.The traveler concealed spirit, lies does not move.The bear thought that he indeed the dead, also left him alone.

Use this

The child has to to learn it is better to observe and register the behavior Kvashner K., .Under the guide of parents or the psychologist he can keep the diary in which notes frequency conflicts to people around, situational conditions, consequences of the actions.On ours look, this technique is more effective for children of younger school age and for under sprouts, one of which feature is tendency to an introspektion.Use this method allows to form anticipation of possible consequences of the at the child behavior.Generalization one of the most important methods of psychotherapy of the child with SDVG, as the child independently can not always transfer received during correction skill for a framework of those conditions in which there was an initial learning any to action of Gledding With, .

To summarize. We talked

This will

It turns out that the child during the day is in different groups.Perhaps.In any case he should learn.And we need to try form more practice at the nature, at enterprises, mu Seah, children should not sit in front of the education Board in Classe Human development from to Study should not be passive rather impressive and dynamic.This seems to me to be studying.This will be occupied by a third time.Another third will take their discussion, in which will take part the instructor, who have little to depart on the second plan, to children could sort out their problems.

And as the problem

B., LyutovaRoberte E.K., .As a rule, mother or the grandmother comes to reception to the psychologist to the psychotherapist, concerned inadequate and causing numerous complaints of people around behavior of the child.And as the problem concerns all family, it is desirable to solve it names but by means of family therapy.Experts note that it is easier to interest fathers family therapy, than individual, and meanwhile the role of the father is very important in therapeutic process, and nobody else cannot speak for it or take its place both in therapy, and in family life V.

If contact

If at least at two P about sh to l about h N the l sh ryigrok turned out contact, that is they called identical words, the leader is obliged to call following word letter.If contact was not for example, the first player called the word cat, and the second was told by cachalot or rabbit, game proceeds, leading new a beech vu does not open.Some subtleties of game players try to give such definitions, that it was heavier to leader to pick up under going excuse; can participate in contact though all players.Contact took place, and the leader is obliged to open a letter if words at least at two coincided players.


Alternative form of carrying out game children sit down in a circle, in which center one couple carries out exercise before all.Analysis of exercise Whether well you remembered what you had to describe?And full the description made by your partner was how accurate?For what it is possible to use such memoirs?It almost piano!GAME with years Purposes During this exercise children can experiment a little with the voice.Besides, the unusual structure of game provides special concentration of children on occurring also forces them to listen attentively each other.

I pledge you the word

That you are late, you are a goalkeeper ska is dissatisfied hall captain.The elder brother seated the kid on the edge of a field on the Curt ku also asked Mishunya, sit here.I will stand in a gateway and to catch ball.Pledge the word that you will not leave anywhere.I pledge you the word that I will sit here and anywhere not uy du seriously answered Mishunya.The first half an hour the Ear ring continually glanced on mlad the shy brother but when game was heated to look around became the goalkeeper once.

Allow me to marry

It was in twilight.Day already declined, and evening did not come yet.Also put on herself instead of a dress the long linen shirt.The prince met her, moved to the palace and speaks to the old king The father, is not present on light of the girl to a krasha and more reasonably, than Dagmar.Allow me to marry it, because about any to other bride I also do not want to hear.Frowned the king with the queen.Where it vidano, that the prince married the country daughter?

The feeling

Simply be always sincere with children, be interested their life, ask their opinion and councils and love without uslo Viy, just like that!Then the child not only will be grateful to you, but also will transfer this love to the children as the most expensive family on sledstvo.The feeling of gratitude happens a miscellaneous and comes to children at different times.If this feeling at children does not appear, to blame parents can only themselves, perhaps, that they in due time reminded children how much for them we do, instead of more often words I very much love you.

To Her Mick

The footpath conducted to malen which to the forest girl by the name of Mimol, very tiny, koto paradise there lived in a small mushroom under the name Borovichok.To Her Mick was among big and small firtrees.And here goes on a footpath the hedgehog, and towards to him leaves a little mouse.Spra the Shaiva where the hedgehog goes.The hedgehog answered that goes on the wood ache a market.The little mouse was surprised and says to a hedgehog that it not in that the direction goes.There continuous needles and unknown malyut the crumb lives, very interesting and mysterious.

The nice

Your mother came to us and asked you to rescue.the nice fellow it is occupied on the ferry, and I came tearing along on a motorka here ob Anton became clearer and stretched to Sergey two spare raincoats.The wind blew with such force that an old motorka hardly about moved forward, jumping up on combs of waves.Boy operated a motorka quietly, without paying attention on the hl shchushchy streams of water and flaws.Saying goodbye, the father long shook to Anton a hand and thanked.


When such people come to the management of shared ETS, the world will change it will become harmonious, like nature, safe.And at what age children begin to take a more global communication?Up to three years they perceive each other partially, and then their perception expanding there is a world, and I have in this world.It depends on the environment in which they are located.Here is a very important moment motives.Little kids look at those little more, and I want to do that's the same thing.Consequently, the development depends on the stimulus?

If child

Game proceeds to that time until all ladybugs recover.If child not can tell about any miracle, it is helped the teacher and other children.Drawing Travel on Wings If for one day presented you wings, where you on flied?Draw the travel.Sketch We learn to fly Divide children into couples.One person in couple any bird, another any animal.Children have to think up small sketches dialogues about that, as the bird learned an animal to fly.IT IS GOOD TO TEACH THE ONE WHO WANTS TO KNOW EVERYTHING M


Game Be attentive!.Vzros the ly gives tasks.Listen to me attentively and try to catch a sound , having clapped and, at, and, at, oh, and, at, and, at.Lift up a tag when you hear a sound [at] in Magni tofonny record.Options .The adult says sounds, having closed lips the screen.^ ~ Library of the Logopedist x About Development of fonematichesny perception in children of early age ^ I .The child sits a back to the adult who asks it to say a number of sounds, and to hide among them a sound [at], having told it it is silent.

You games

First players both teams sit down against each other on a grass, rest stupnyam and in the rival's foot, take a stick in hand for і the opposite ends and tyan ut it on itself.You games the one who will draw a stick howls.After that the second numbers of teams, game ¦ sit down on a floor proceeds to the last participants.After the end of game the general is counted if the chestvo of victories in each team, and as a result is called as J winner.And nventar about tsutstvut.Quantity at h and with t nicknames .

What means

Disappear, such little men do not happen.I read kn gi also I know that on the earth there is only one look a forehead centuries of reasonable Homo Sapiens scaredly exclaimed girl.What means does not happen?I am a gnome the Fir cone, I live in it to the wood and in this stub.Today the clear sunny day, I wanted about !to vetrit and dry up the dwelling, but suddenly flopped on it someone unknown also started watering it with tears.It you the unknown, and I am Nina, the best schoolgirl in a class se.

As soon

And that all children knew that such minutes came, the tutor will show them a red palm molchalka.As soon as children will see it, they have to become silent and if they do not write or draw at this time or to perform other task, to stand on a place or to lay down on a floor and not to move.When they will see a yellow palm sheptalka, they can exchange words in a whisper, silently to move on group.If the tutor shows a green palm chant, it is possible to do everything that is not forbidden by group rules.

Games of N and sh and x Jedushek

In I follow shch y time in the driving m ozht to be the one who was found the first or the last, Color Stock about the hardware uts TV uye t.M esto carrying out loshch an adka with are certain in m and borders.L at h she, whether e with they at d at t are marked with chalk.Number participants and more.Games of N and sh and x Jedushek and I ush l to &Участники games rise in a circle, and driving costs sleep; ache to another in several meters from a circle.Thus he has to close eyes and to call any color, napr measures red, yellow, green, lilac, fioleto vy.

Game proceeds. P about


It was tense on a hoop and hung over a flue wigwaM

It is possible

Participants press a ball to each other so, that it kept between a back of one player and a stomach of another without hands.In such look participants have to move to finishing line.Players should not podderat all to chew a ball hands.It is possible to appoint About the judge who will watch for fairly Stew of teams.About And That team which crawled to Fini wins sha the first.Report to another Stock balls.Number of players .Rules All players share on teams and get up in sheren gi person to each other.

To make

Alka villages on zabo re.Supervision for birds To continue to develop the elementary at children ideas of birds.To teach kids to learn and call a pigeon, a sparrow, a crow.To make active the dictionary of verbs in the speech of children fly, jump, jump up, wave wings, fought etc.and adjectives timid, cheerful.To form at children prerequisites of empathy birds, as well as people, can to be with different characters Similar supervision can to be carried out as near stationary feeding trough, so and on a group site.

The first

P r and in and l and Players I get up t one after another in a column.Right ru ku put on the right shoulder standing ahead.The first in a column player the head of a dragon, an afterbirth niya a tail of a dragon.The head of a dragon has to sing mother tail.X in St has to run away, and head catches up with it.The only condition of game a column should not interrupt.And Esl and head p oym at tail, an afterbirth the ny player in with t and e t forward and an ova camp tsya go LowaI

Team, spent

At game to towns of a ryukh it is considered beaten out, if it completely you sh la for lateral or back line the mountain yes.Esl also remained on the devil or was gone in go sort, it it is necessary to continue to beat out.The blow to the gorodki player is not set off, if it, me concealing a bat, will cross line of a game or a floor of a game.In towns count is kept on points.Team, spent for everything f iur smaller kolichest in bit, gains a point.If you play vdvo I eat, luchsh e to stock up with ten bits and to throw everything at first to one, then to another that not be corduroy road behind bits.

If on a card

If on a card a profession doctor, children have to to present itself sensitive doctors and to think up the recipe volsheb keenness medicine foot.If on a card the pilot, children have to to think up the plane which carries people to the country of keenness, etc.H Task for the house Ask children to present sensitive words to each member svo it families.LESSON FIFTIETH GENEROSITY H Game Generous Gifts One person plays a role of the fairy ShchedrostI

But any of them

Then they got up on carved saddles and tried through a fencing to reach gold apples.But any of them who touched a fruit, lost at once forces and dead fell on the earth.Having seen it, riders of the white bones in fear and horror turned horses and dashed away to the auls.After them to a garden crowds stretched from all directions poor people.At their approach locks fell from iron gate, and gate widely swung open.The garden was filled with the people men and women, old men and children.

John did not understand, why to take

Johnny did not love when there were quarrels between Indians and the pioneers who were taking away the good earth from Indians.John did not understand, why to take away from others the earth.He considered that it is better everywhere where it is possible, to put appletree gardens.Therefore it never quarreled with Indians.And they often invited Johnny to itself on a visit.Passed years.Along appletree gardens of Johnny were stretched fields of farmers.Virgin forests did not remain any more.And Johnny continued to go west everything.

For this reason

All this home brew or the sister imposes special responsibility on the senior and sometimes causes a fair protest, as the child even if also the senior, is not obliged to carry out the controlling functions of parents.For this reason adults have to talk to children, explaining to them and training borders of the possible help to the brother or sister with SDVG in ways of opposition to pressure of people around.If problems of sibling are connected generally with interaction between them of the house, brothers and the child's sisters with SDVG should be trained in ways of communication, not provocative undesirable flashes, to methods of the constructive solution of the conflicts.

Then the tsarevitch

The tsarevitch woke up in the morning and sees viands are eaten, an icon lamp with are rearranged by a candle!Does not know, as to think door zak it is dug!For the next day again the same.Then the tsarevitch decided not to sleep to watch for the uninvited guest.Sees, there was a basil a girl, to krasha not to find, atedrank, and only began a candle with a lamp that to interchange the position, he also seized her by a hand Why you, mine svetik, hide from whom you are buried?

We are constantly

We are constantly looking for among the many photographic pictures, accumulated in the brain, a pattern to follow.We can say, we have a potential information you need Dimo to implement, and we are looking for different forms of its realization?Always!Without extraction from memory a certain pattern and its implementation, I do not act.There is even a disease, when people lose this ability and do not know Ute what to do.This is due to the fact that the person or cannot extract from memory information or she has worn off, or it has no connection with the exist components of the inmemory images.

From where? Tell, from

It was their family tradition to give to the son for New year a card with the image of an animal.From where?Tell, from where you took it?teacher started shaking the boy's hand.Painfully.The father gave it to me the boy snatched out from krytka it was also removed.Wait, do not become angry, you told that to you the grandmother this presented a card?Elizabeth Matveevna murmured.Yes, the grandmother sent because she lives far, and the father gave the boy explained.

P to the oseredena

To t about about l sh e?And nventar tags.Participants d e I the hardware I on d in e teams and you erased l ai to Wai tsya on At l and h N y e and Y about r about y l and r yprotiv each other on opposite a game tsakhets of a platforM

Therefore, the most

After all, after all, society is not yet fixed in such a perfect way, when school, home, the court gave him the same good effect.Therefore, the most reliable thing is to organize a school as beneficial CPE do to a child's development, and he is there as much time as possible, and comes home only to swim, eat, sleep.The hour to be with the parent mi and go to bed.So it must be something like the extended school day?I would not call it a study day.All that is about learning, repels.This is just a long day full of pleasant impressions.

If the room

If game is held indoors, it has to be it is cleaned in the damp way, it is well aired.If the room small, it is necessary to take out from it Lish scientific research institute subjects.All grants and materials which are required for games, have to be prepared till its beginning.To at to their gotovleniye, to the organization of the corresponding conditions it is necessary to attract children.Children bring tags, balls, consider, them, practising at the same time in the account; raskla dyvat on color; spread to themselves lodges, gnez dyshka from cones, from stones; make snowballs etc.

That is, they

Guys, speaking with designated witnesses, spoke very differently, especially those that were allegedly accused.They already looked at the situation from the outside.That is, they already had experience.Very good.And when you hear yourself from the outside, it looks absolutely not the way you thought.That is what we will see in the following conversation.We have a very interesting turn sobytii Part two with DD continuation M s continue to talk about how to organize and focus separate discussions with children.

It is desirable

And what do children who are not involved?The other children are watching and are judges.It is desirable that all participated, for example, as the jury meeting residents?Yes, you can come up with many roles.Usually those who passively watching, PE regival the same emotions, but not as much as the participants themselves.But they can to vote or to participate.What is the role of the tutor in this game?He has about ratite attention, to make the game as effective as possible?

Book purpose

You will find in it the kind fairy tales which acquaint children with letters as with native, amusing beings; cheerful quatrains, I help shchy easily and quickly to remember letters; drawings coloring, giving the chance to children to create own images of letters; the creative tasks and games developing logical thinking.Book purpose to connect process of training in the diploma with riso vaniye, game and comprehension of beauty of the world.The book is intended for occupations with children preschool and younger school age.

It is possible

Near them there is a tutor.In hands it has a box with small balls by quantity the standing children.Time, two, three run!the tutor and you speaks brasyvat all balls from a box forward.Children run for balls; everyone catches up any of balls, runs with it to the tutor also puts it in a box.Then children sit down on the places, and behind line of a camp to curl other group.Game comes to an end when all children run for mya than.It is possible to repeat game two times.Rules of the game It is possible to run behind a ball only after the word run.


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